sunny and bright

our view of the balcony – – what a lovely day today….the sun is shining bright and it’s almost 60 degrees outside! sorry, snowbirds……unfortunately, i have spent most of my day working inside attempting to convert my american resume into a somewhat comprehensible french cv. not an easy task, my friends. even david is now garbling english and french words together, as he reassures me that it won’t be long until i’m ‘thinking’ in french. his brain jumped the boat on ‘thinking’ in english already and from time to time he says things that in fact don’t seem to make much sense. it’s funny how language works like that….if only ‘franglais’ was an official language – i wouldn’t have any problems!
i wanted to post some photos of our local covered market today but we didn’t make it there yesterday (and the market is closed on mondays – – they do need a day off work, of course). instead, david and i found ourselves in an empty carrefour parking lot (most stores are closed on sundays here) where i practiced driving our first generation twingo. it can be said that i am not too swift when it comes to driving a stick shift car, let alone a 12yr old car, without power steering. it was funny. can you just see me now, racing around the corners of a tiny supermarket parking lot in our beat up bright red twingo? clutch, shift, brake?!? ahhh!! i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it soon and feel confident to zip around the winding roads we have here.

here she is in all of her glory, missing hubcaps and all………

well, perhaps i’ll make it over to the market tomorrow to snap some photos to share. until then, it’s back to translating my resume………


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