i don’t see it that way…….

cannes is a beautiful place. if you look past the little old ladies in their full length fur coats walking their tiny dogs along the croisette, you can find endless beauty in this city. yes, it is a seaside tourist resort town for the most part and home to the famous ‘cannes film festival’. yes, it is expensive because of that, and most anywhere you go you will pay for it. (like along the croisette i saw a cafe charging 10 euros for a coffee, croissant and orange juice – are you kidding me? are they growing their own coffee beans back there?)

but it is necessary to let that become muffled into the background. you almost have to in order to enjoy life here as a resident.
so if you take a step back, go a street over and push your way past louis vuitton and chanel, you will find beauty at ever turn…..(sans tourists)

i took all of these photos today

i walked around the city for hours just enjoying the sunshine


5 thoughts on “i don’t see it that way…….

  1. audra

    so beautiful! brings a tear to my eye. and well said about the background noise, sometimes I feel the same way about new york – you just have to let the annoying parts fade away so they don’t obstruct the view – and a what a view you have! love those winding streets, looks like so much fun to explore.

  2. marsha

    Beautiful colors! It looks so peaceful….. love the picture with little “FiFi”! Might she be waiting for her owner outside a small back street shop?

  3. corey

    thanks! that dog was just sitting so politely next to the shop that i just had to snap a photo. he/she didn’t even flintch when i stopped!

  4. JesAnn

    it’s soo beautiful…i envy you! i love the stone streets/walks. it’s refreshing to see bright colors and sunshine…as here we are stuck with what seems to be the never ending drab winter scene!


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