pasta puttanesca

so david and i, being food lovers, are more than content here in france with the abundance of fresh produce we now have at our fingertips. so i figured from time to time i will share with you some of our favorite recipes and pics of food we love to make and food we love to eat!
tonight we made one of our favorite pastas….pasta puttanesca. it’s a classic italian dish originating from napoli (or naples, italy) with an interesting story about it’s name. puttanesca in italian means prostitute or whore…..there are many different stories that one can find floating around on the actual origin of the name, but it’s commonly thought that because it’s spicy, saucy and quick (to make) – – can’t one say the same for a hooker? at least that’s what we like to think.
so here is what you’ll need:
– 1lb of spaghetti, preferably good quality italian
– 2 large cloves of garlic finely chopped
– 1 handful of capers (soaked in water and rinsed a few times)
– 2 big handfuls of pitted black olives (we pit ours ourselves as whole olives tend to tastes better)
– 12 anchovies (equals 1 small tin, in olive oil) roughly chopped
– red pepper chili flakes – a few pinches or to taste (or 2-3 small dried chilis roughly chopped)
– extra virgin olive oil
– 1 can of whole tomatoes
– optional – fresh basil and oregano to taste
so here is how we cook it:
– put a good drizzle of olive oil in your pan and add the garlic
– let the garlic cook over low-medium heat but be careful not to let the garlic burn or brown
– after one or two minutes, add your anchovies and mash them together with the garlic (i use a fork to literally mash them together well)
– stir around and add the olives, let cook for a couple of minutes – again, watch the heat and keep it low so nothing is getting brown or burnt
– add in your chili flakes or dried chilis, stir well

before adding in the tomatoes

– add in your can of whole tomatoes and roughly break the tomatoes apart (i like to use a wooden spoon and either a fork or knife to sort of burst the tomato or cut it without mashing it.
– let cook on medium heat

after adding in the tomatoes

– bring water to boil and cook your pasta per suggested time on the package, cook al dente – drain pastsa and add directly into the sauce (add a little at a time) and toss well. oftentimes we don’t use the whole package with this sauce but feel free to experiment to your liking
– feel free to garnish with fresh basil to taste

our pasta puttanesca :-)



3 thoughts on “pasta puttanesca

  1. Anonymous

    What a coincidence!! We’ve made puttanesca twice over the last 2 weeks- must be the right time of year!! I think you guys use more anchovies than we have been…I bet your recipe is better!! xoxo Carla and Aaron

  2. corey

    hey :-) def a great pasta dish – we love it too! when you use more anchovies it’s a very strong (and salty) dish but i suggest people use less the first few times they make it anyways. it will be delish anyway!


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