pneu crevé*

so let me tell you a funny story.

so david and i went to nice on saturday to hang out with a friend of ours. we were out pretty late. too late (way, way too late). we weren’t exactly in the best form sunday morning.

so we get ready to leave his friends apt in the afternoon (we spent the night there and sort of slept in late) and get to the car, just happy it is still there and not towed as we didn’t have a great parking spot…..

“click-click” nothing.
“click-click” nothing.

the auto-unlock key isn’t unlocking the car. key battery dead? (i mean, it’s a really old car)
so we are like, ok whatever, open the doors old-school style, using the actual key (funny to think that not many people actually use the metal key in the keyhole to open their car anymore).

no need for the “click-click” open, right? we’re in!!

we get into the car and the car won’t start. it revs, but won’t catch to start.

we then remember something that the guy we bought the car from said:
‘the car has a safety measure put on it that you can’t start the car until the alarm system is deactivated. the only way to deactivate the alarm is using the auto-unlock key’

“click-click” nothing. still doesn’t work.

we find the twingo manual from the year 1901 and search through to see what we need to do. (remember, we were up pretty late and not feeling so hot)

david finds the page on the key de-activating thing. we have to do this weird sequence of pushing a button, watching a flashing light and repeating as you have to do it all to a secret code (which we did have, thankfully – – the last owner of the car wrote it out on the sun visor, smart guy – – makes you think this has happened before….) – – but we screwed it up. go figure.

we then had to wait 15 minutes because the 2nd measure of rock solid security was now in effect for the twingo:
‘ if you don’t sequence your secret code correctly, you will have to wait 15mins for the security system to re-set itself’

you have got to be kidding me?!?!?! who in the hell would ever even steal this car – – you have all seen pics of the car, and know what i mean, right?

so finally, after beeping, pushing and secret-coding our way through….we made it.

the red light goes off.
we’re FREE!!!
the car starts.

yea!! we pull out onto the road…..

“what’s that weird noise?” david says, “the tires don’t feel right or something”
“oh, shit, i totally hear that, pull over” i say

we have a flat tire.

seriously, at this point it turns almost comical.

we need to change the tire. so we totally cross our fingers and start digging in the back trunk hoping, hoping, that we have the essentials of changing a tire: donut tire, jack and tire iron.

yes!! everything is there.

we go ahead, on the side of the street – – me in high heeled boots from the day before, go figure, get the tiny tire changed. we let the jack down and look at the donut tire (although it really isn’t much a a donut tire because it’s pretty much the same size as the normal tires – – they already look like toy tires…)

it needs air. some serious air. it was a flat spare tire.

in between giggles of disbelief, we slowly, very slowly drive down the street to where i remember seeing a gas station the night before when we got to his friends house. we fill up the tire, no problem.

we finally got home, slowly – and on the smallest, tiniest roads humanly possible……

and took a huge nap.
all of the rest of the afternoon.

whew, what a day.

*pneu crevé = flat tire


One thought on “pneu crevé*

  1. marsha

    oh my god!! i can’t stop laughing!!
    loved your “pneu creve” story
    p.s. how did you get the accent over the e?


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