keep on runnin’

i love to run.

i’m not particularly good at it, but i’m not horrible either, i’m not an uber health-freak or skinny or run obsessively – – but over the past year it has become a big part of my life.

i run to clear my head, to stay in shape, to gain courage and strength – both mind and body – and it often helps me see things in a way that i wouldn’t otherwise. i’m in my own world when i run and i love every moment.

taken on one of my routes

on my run today i was thinking about the past week. i thought about my weird and somewhat horrifying interview i had on monday (that i have failed to mention until now, i know, i’ll get to that another time), how it affected me and what i need to do to have more courage when speaking in french.

sometimes when i speak in french i really feel bad for the person listening to me. i mush things up….and say things backwards, but generally, most people get my drift. it’s not that people don’t understand me, it’s that not everyone is empathetic.

here in france, when it comes to how people communicate with ‘étrangers’ (foreigners like me), i have so far met two distinct types of people:

– those who understand i’m trying, patiently wait for me to finish, are genuinely nice and almost help me along with what i am saying (and smile!)


– those who practically roll their eyes at me, see me as a ‘tourist’, pretend that i am not making sense and then answer me in english (and grimace)

i’m not sure why, yet……but perhaps this mystery will unfold as time passes. i do, however, know that i need to be confident when i speak. i will most likely always make mistakes. perhaps no matter what i say or what i do these people will always be there to try to make me feel bad?


but at the end of the day, even if someone makes me feel horrible or treats me as though i was a complete idiot, i’ll go running.

i’ll run to clear my head, to put my mind at ease and to take in the beauty that surrounds me.

and maybe it will give me some added strength, and a little extra courage……..

some of the sights i see on my runs


2 thoughts on “keep on runnin’

  1. JesAnn

    what great course! …beats a bally treadmill!! you know i’m too much of a wimp to brave the winter weather.
    i just signed up for the shamrock shuffle 8K.


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