viva italia!!

here in cannes, we don’t live too far from the italian border, about an hour or less if driving.

however, since we can’t go to the markets there every week – – we’ll go to our local italian store here! so i thought i would share some photos today of our italian gem.

gusti italiani is actually very close to where we are living, only a few streets over. it is owned by italians – – super, super nice and really helpful. it makes you want to go back again and again.

they have amazing fresh italian cold meats – cured meat hanging from the ceiling, cheese, pasta of course, limoncella, wines, conserved veggies and everything is sooo tasty!

here are a few pics that i snapped today (i had to take them quickly and discreetly as to not look like a complete tourist…so please look past the quality of the images)

and in their shop window, they have tons and tons of fresh handmade pasta. any type of ravioli and tons of gnocci and oh, wow. delicious!!!

we didn’t buy a lot today, just some sausage for pasta we are making tonight, cheese and a few slices of mortadella. yuuummmmy!

here’s a pic of the (chunk) of cheese we got – deeeeelish!


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