les beaux bateaux

david and i walked around for hours today (partially to walk off our big lunch and partially because it’s fun to do on a sunday afternoon!) and i just wanted to share some photos i took.

there are several ports here in cannes like the vieux port, port canto and some others but i don’t know all of their names…. some house multi-million dollar luxury yachts and exquisite sailboats and some house small modest fishermen boats. both beautiful in their own uniqueness.

i’m sure that many people think that the boats belong to people that live in cannes, however, that is not really how it works. these boats are owned by the richest of the rich, company presidents, ceo’s, multi-millionaries and i’m sure some royalty and plenty of movie stars fit in there somewhere too. perhaps these people have apartments or homes here, but they surely don’t live here year round. well, at least they leave their boats here for all of us to look at!! it surely isn’t hard on the eyes……
vieux port sailboats, beautiful

(the smaller boats, not belonging to celebrities and the rich and famous)
these are docked near the palm beach

it is really calming though, to just walk around for hours……and all of the ports are open to the public; so you can walk on any of the docks right up next to people’s boats. you can go as far into the labyrinth of each series of docks as far as you like until it ends…..and just look around and imagine, and dream…..

i love to imagine though what type of people own each boat, wonder how they came up with their boat names, what they do in life and where they are from. it’s interesting, and there are hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes and from as far away as new zealand and australia. perhaps they had their boats delivered……

maybe one day david and i can buy our own boat….small of course – – but it’s definitely fun to dream about it and imagine that one belongs to us!!

ahhhh, a day in the hard life, right?

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