rain, rain, go away……

rainy and wet weather…..not a typical scene in the south of france, but hey – – it is february. the coldest month of the year…

at least we didn’t get the snow that fell yesterday and today in london, paris and madrid. not being accustomed to snow at all, these major cities are gridlocked and chaotic. in london, they say it is the worst snowfall since ’91. i happen to remember that snowfall in ’91 becuase we were living in england then. i think my mom even took some home videos of me and my sisters making snowmen and throwing snowballs (ok, remember, i was 11 yrs old…). it’s funny that i feel like a little part of history…….

it has been raining here for a couple of days, and grey skies before that. we had a cold, but fun, weekend nonetheless.

we cooked a bunch of yummy, and somewhat not healthy food this weekend, (armenian boureg, which is a cheese pastry – and also osso bucco), and i was really looking forward to running it off today. a little rain is fine, but pouring rain is not.

perhaps i’ll wait until this afternoon……

yesterday david and i took a walk in the drizzling rain and clouds and walked out onto the hotel carlton’s dock, normally reserved for the rich and affluent in the spring and summer months, entering only patron’s of the hotel…..however, in the wintertime it’s open game. the restaurant is closed and the rows of umbrellas and beach chairs you would normally see are absent.

these are the moments when i love to be outside during the rain and clouds. the colors are beautiful and the sea takes on a certain unique personality that one can only see every so often.

before i forget, i said i would follow up on the ‘greve generale’ from the other day. well, personally, i’m not actually an employed member of this society yet. so perhaps my opinion on the subject is somewhat lacking substantial weight. i know though, that record numbers of people from all walks of life, financial standing, races, ethnicities, the unemployed to engineers and doctors, lawyers and teachers were out on the street. the french say it was an outstanding act of solidarity.

“liberté, égalité, fraternité” is the french national motto (meaning liberty, equality and fraternity). it’s written on the french euro coins, many government buildings and some documents and you’ll find it is used often. solidarity seems to fit right along with that. and that is what the people of france were trying to tell sarkozy ‘we’re in this together, and you’d better do something about it quick!’. i don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, i’m still learning about france and her quirks. so for now, i guess the only thing we can do is follow the president’s actions and see what he is going to do about such widespread social unrest…..

so on my rainy french day, i’m going back to my searching, hoping and finger crossing.

i’ll continue to scour the web for job openings and hopefully apply to some more postings. let’s all hope i get a phone call soon……

at least i can keep my smile ;-)


4 thoughts on “rain, rain, go away……

  1. Anonymous

    i don't know if you remember me but this is kristie taylor =) i googled your name (by chance I spelled it correctly) and stumbled upon your blog! oh my word i was soo excited!!! i see you're doing well and living in france. how wonderful!!! i think about you & your family often. you've got to email me: kristie.taylor@oakwood.org or my home address is sunkiss91@yahoo.com.

    bye for now!


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