what if….

what if?

what if plays an important role in each of our lives. we make decisions based on it, we live our lives according to what we feel the answers are to it. we don’t do things because of it, and sometimes don’t take risks because of it. i like to think that i make decisions despite it.

does it really matter, what if?

if we let what if take hold, we give up something intangibly wonderful.
adventure, no regrets, happiness.

at least that’s what it means to me….

if i fell prisoner to my fears of what if, where would i be? what would i be doing instead? would i be happy?

i have many what ifs, don’t be mistaken. we all do. they circulate in our heads constantly and try to slither their way into everything we do. it is what we do about these incessant nudges from our conscious that makes the difference.

i won’t let the possibility of failure, of my own definition, prevent me from swatting away my what ifs and the fear that precedes them. and taking the same risks i always have, those without regret and nothing to lose.

because do we really ever lose anything?

today is today, yesterday is gone. what i do tomorrow is a whole other story.

what are you going to do? you still have time to decide. and no one will judge you.

but if they do, don’t worry. it’s your life, not theirs. if you go to sleep each night with a smile, that is all that matters. they can’t see it from where they are…….

perhaps next year i’ll be somewhere else? somewhere different? with the love of my life at my side, holding my hand and giving me strength and endless smiles.
i’m only trying to stay on the right path, you know. the one that i can see, no matter where it goes, that makes me happy.

what if.

6 thoughts on “what if….

  1. Margo

    This is the best, and written so beautifully! That really cheered me up, I always think about the what if’s for way too long, then I get down on myself : (

    Thanks for the reminder to not think of paths taken as wright or wrong, and to let life take me where it will.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh Corey… you write so beautifully! I’ve always known how smart you are, but…WOW!!
    You have some words of wisdom beyond your years…this really cheered me up :) xo, Molly


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