to market, to market!!

le marché forville is just one of the few markets that operate in cannes – but it’s my favorite…

it is open everyday until 1 or 1:30ish except monday. you can find fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, fresh flowers, fresh meat and cured meat, artisanal breads, olives and plenty more!

it’s located near le suquet, or the old town, and it’s also near the vieux port.

it is a beautiful building, with large white pillars where vendors setup their tables each day. the exterior walls of the building are essentially ‘cut-out’ and when the market is empty, you can see through from one side of the market to the other. when it’s cold, windy, rainy or such, large curtain-like ‘walls’ are rolled down into place around the exterior openings to protect the people and food from the elements.

when shopping at the market, david and i love to circle around a few times to see what is being offered. not every vendor is there everyday – and depending on what time of day you are there at – some vendors packup and leave as soon as they run out. so if you go too late you may miss out!

sometimes, if you look carefully, you will find some vendors selling fruit / veggies as a ‘lot’, as shown in the photo above. for instance, if you wanted to buy all the fruit in one of the metal bowls, you would pay, say 1 euro (there is always a sign showing the price per bowl)….much less than what you would pay by the kilo if you select each peice yourself. they are oftentimes very, very ripe fruit, sometimes may be slightly damaged (but perfectly good). and depending on how / what you need to use it can be worthwhile.

the prices vary according to quality, where the food originates from (i.e. from france or imported from spain or morocco) and also you’ll find that when the fruit is super-ripe you will see very low prices. which, in my opinion, you have to be careful of – but i always touch/squeeze everything just to make sure. no one wants to buy 10 kiwi’s for 2 euros if they only last one day right? (that’s a lot of kiwi!!)

so far, we have a few vendors that we like to visit and their prices are just right :-)

some vendors use vitrines, or glass display cases, everyday to display their food. they are primarily used for the fresh cheese and meat and also for the cured meat and saucisson.

markets here are seasonal and people tend to eat more seasonally so than in the u.s.. which means that people eat more so what is in season than what is not. also, it is pretty hard to find most summer fruit here in the winter. you can, of course, buy berries and kiwi and such but they come from very far away and are really pricey. most of the ‘summer’ fruit and veggies right now in the markets come from spain or morocco.

i have found that i really like to eat seasonally and since it’s so easy to do here it is fun! in the u.s. i guess it’s not something that is on the top of everyone’s mind when buying fruit / veggies, as everything is so accessible. eating seasonally is not culturally integrated into everyday living in the u.s. – but i do recommend it!

the flowers sold in this market are one of my favorite things to browse / buy. if i could buy flowers everyday i would. flowers are seasonal as well. so it’s not likely that you’ll find my favorite, peonies, now in the wintertime. i guess i’ll have to wait………

in the meantime, there are plenty of other flowers you can buy, normally sold by the bunch (5 or 10 stems per bunch usually) for 3-5 euros a bunch.

i will try to post a ‘market’ entry every so many months so i can share more pics! all of these photos i took myself and are all recent. i have tons of other market photos from various other years david and i visited danielle, but i’ll only ever use current photos on my blog, and only photos taken by me!

i hope everyone is doing well ‘back home’ and managing to stay warm in all of the arctic weather that has been whisking through the midwest…….

À bientôt!


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