mimosa flowers in pégomas

yesterday, david and i went to pégomas, a town not to far away, to visit the mimosa fields.

i was never familiar with mimosa flowers in the past – – and if anyone were to ask me, i’d probably say it was a drink, champagne and orange juice, right? delicious with brunch. but recently, my eyes were opened to the prettiest and most happy looking flower i have seen in a long time. and right now is the height of the mimosa season. and i love it.

mimosa’s can look very different, depending on the variety, where you live, climate, etc. here in the south of france the winter mimosa’s are famous for being bright yellow, snowball-like and fluffy and they smell amazing. there are festivals celebrated in their honor, parades marched for them and even tours created to view them.

they bloom from mid-january through the summer. in hindsight, we went to visit pégomas a bit too early – – the mimosa’s are not all fully bloomed just yet. but amazing they are, regardless if we were a week or so early.

i am so happy for the mimosa’s……

so david and i decided to take a hiking tour that we found listed online, about a 2 hour walk, to see these magnificent flowers in all of their glory. pégomas is the best mimosa town to go to visit near us and is very well known for their flowers.

we started off in the city centre of pégomas and headed down a little country lane along la siagne river. we passed some typical provencal houses, fireplaces roaring, wide open spaces, just gorgeous.

if you look closely, all of the yellow you see in the hills are the mimosa flowers blooming

after a few wrong turns here and several back-tracking routes, we were able to find the mimosa path that we were avidly searching. the beginning of the path made us stop and think for a minute – – where does this path go? is this even right? looks sort of weird. but we went for it.

the path immediately ascended steeply up the hillside. twisting and turning, one step too far to the left and you may swiftly end up sliding down the side of the hill. and the further we climbed upwards towards the sky, the more we were starting to feel as though it may be a mountain as opposed to a hill.

we kept climbing.

then, after walking for a while and around a sharp bend – – we started to see the flowers. wow. the views were breathtaking.

and every so often, the path would flatten out a little bit as to help us catch our breaths, slow down and take in the landscape around us. i just kept saying – – “oh, wow. just beautiful! look at that! oh wait, look at that!” (then snap, snap, taking photos)

the further we hiked upwards, and it seemed at every turn, the view just kept getting more and more beautiful as we ascended.

and we were alone, except for one or two lonesome passer-bys. like an old man with a hiking cane – – looked like a localman out enjoying his sunday

there is an undeniable rejuvenating feeling of just being out in the wilderness, breathing fresh, crisp and clean countryside air….being surrounded with wild beauty and never-ending blue skies

then finally, we realized at a turn, just how far up we had hiked.

look at the view we had……wow

here are a few shots i took of the mimosa’s in all of their fluffy yellowness along the trail

there were also eucalyptus bushes along the path as well. i don’t think i had ever seen wild eucalyptus before. and the scent. i don’t even know if i can describe it.

i did, though, pick one little leaf off the bush. i crushed it in my hand and the essential oils burst out from this one tiny leaf – – i couldn’t believe how fresh and yummy it smelled. i was amazed! and even when you are just near the bushes, the wind picks up the scent and whooshes it around you, it smells delightful!

we had a wonderful time out in pégomas on a bright, beautiful sunday afternoon. we will definitely do this again, perhaps in a few more weeks when more mimosa’s are fully bloomed.


4 thoughts on “mimosa flowers in pégomas

  1. corey

    thanks carla – – the second someone comes up with scratch and sniff websites….i’m all over it!! ;-)

    they smell unbelievable!!

  2. corey d

    oh my gosh jes, you are totally right – – i remember all of your pretty photos from napa, and all the flowers!! ;-) hope you are doing well in chicago!!


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