plane trees in cannes

our gorgeous plane trees in cannes are now naked. sigh.
they must be chilly……

every year, before spring, the gorgeous plane trees are trimmed bare naked – – ready for their new leaves to sprout out in the springtime. this is actually their second trimming though. their first trimming, a few months ago, was to remove all of the crispy dried and dead leaves.

now, only a few ‘whiskers’ remain.

this is the time of year, when they are naked, that they look like upside-down trees.

almost as if someone came along and planted dozens of trees into the earth, but the wrong way up!

i couldn’t resist taking some photos to share – they are absolutely eye-catching with their tangly, knotty branches spindling upwards into the blue sky….

you can find these trees in many, many towns in the south of france – not only in cannes. most of the year they are filled with beautiful leaves, full of life and green as can be….and they provide needed shade in the heat of the summer months.

here is an excerpt i found from rick steves’ book ‘Provence and the French Riviera’ about the plane trees of southern france:
“Stately old plane trees line roads and provide canopies of shade for town squares all over southern France. These trees are part of the local scene. The plan tree is a hybrid of the Asian and American sycamores – created accidentally in a 16th-century Oxford botanical garden. The result was the perfect city tree: fast-growing, resistant to urban pollution, and hearty (it can survive with little water and lousy soil). The plan tree was imported to southern France in the 19th century to replace the traditional elm trees. Napoleon planted them along roads to give his soldiers shade for their long marches. Plane trees were used to leaf up grand boulevards as towns throughout France – including Aix-en-Provence – built their Champs-Elysees wannabes.”

i’m not quite sure why i am so fascinated by the trees here in cannes, i just think they are all so beautiful…..they transport me to another place, another world and jump-start my imagination…..

to dream and to imagine……….thank you plane trees, thank you.


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