our furry neighbors

we often sit out on our balcony, which overlooks the front garden of the hotel next door. it’s a small, quiet hotel in it’s down season – probably just picking up a bit, now that the weather is nicer. they have a huge orange tree and a tiny fragrant lemon tree that bring brightness and cheer to our daily view.

we have seen the cats come and go, lounging around in the sunshine taking in the breeze…scurrying about, jumping from one front garden to the next. then one day, we saw something that, at first glance, was furry, fluffy and…..wait, is that, a….bunny?

yes, it was indeed a bunny. and it has a strange resemblance to an old bunny friend we used to have in our family as kids, harlequin. he was a boisterous little thing – always trying to get away and escape from his bunny house. sadly, harley won the battle one day – he succeeded. he ran away. all for what we think was in search of a lady friend. little bugger.

i do hope that everyone had a nice weekend, as we did here. we went on a new hike yesterday, gorgeous views – i’ll post some photos soon. the weather here is getting warmer and the sunsets setting later and later as the days go by ;-)

this past weekend felt very much like springtime or even the beginning of summer…..warm sunshine in the afternoon, fresh cool breezes in the evening.

we were not the only ones enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend, our furry friends were too….and i was happy to see them all frolicking about together.

perhaps they were posing just for me….


6 thoughts on “our furry neighbors

  1. Anonymous

    awe, i used to love coming over to visit your bunnies in the backyard. i remember begging my mom for one. i, too, have fun bunny memories =)

  2. Anonymous

    Yay for bunnies!!! I had one when I was a kid…it died on my birthday. :( Anyways, it’s been fun living back in the Midwest. We’ve seen more bunnies since we’ve been here than we did in the entire time we lived in Florida.

    Kinda off the subject, but bunnies, squirrels, and deer are all way smaller in Florida. The squirrels look like little rats with semi-fluffy tails. None of the large squirrels that look like they’re capable of stealing your sandwich from you like in Michigan. -Carla and Aaron (but mainly Aaron)

  3. corey d

    kristie, i’m glad you remember our bunny!! – – that one was called ‘bun-bun’, he was white and brown, i remember we gave him to someone before we left to go to england b/c we couldn’t take him….! ;-)xox

    aaron / carla – – that is hilarious. i can just picture it now…bosco running around, wide-eyed, in a field after fluffy bunnies in KC! (and if you ever DO have your sandwich stolen by a squirrel, you let me know. i’ll bust out a can of whoop-ass..)xox


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