all from a cup of tea…

it’s wednesday, nothing special happening. it’s raining outside. and this afternoon, i decided to make a cup of tea and i love tea.

i’m not exactly a worldclass tea connoisseur nor am i a tea snob, however, i do appreciate good quality (organic fair trade if possible!) loose leaf tea anyday. but today i just grabbed one of my favorite teabag herbal teas from the states. it’s called Organic Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea, by GoodEarth. it’s spicy, cinnamon-y and is my cure-all when i’m feeling blue or just want to relax…today i just needed a nice relaxing cuppa.

and as if the tea isn’t a good pick-me-up in itself, each teabag has a quote. you can’t resist but to read.

okay, okay, you are all probably thinking ‘wow, how cheesy?’ but i am fueled by these small thought-provoking things in life, not to mention i am terribly sentimental, and i oftentimes find inspiration in weird places….even things as simple as a teabag. sometimes that’s all it takes, right?

standing in our blue-toned kitchen near the window, with the rain methodically tapping against the panes of glass and windowsill, i stood and dunked my teabag as it steeped. i turned over the teabag pull, as i normally do, to read the quote:

“What we play is life” – Louis Armstrong (1900-1971)

normally i read the quote, smile for a minute, and continue on and toss out the teabag. but for whatever reason today, this quote struck a chord. i tore the teabag pull off of my teabag and shoved it into my pocket for safekeeping.

what we play is life. perhaps you may not interpret this the same as me. but for me, when you play something, you are the operator, the creator, the one in control, so to speak. whether you are kicking a ball, playing an instrument, throwing something, you are in control, you are making the plays, running the course, creating the music. you are the one playing. so if you play life, you are in control of your life.

seems pretty obvious, you say? some people stay in situations in life, unhappy situations, and never change or take control of life because sometimes it’s scary. the unknown, the difficulty perhaps, or the fact that sometimes it takes sacrifices. oftentimes big sacrifices. but in the end it’s for the good. what is possibly better than happiness?

i guess that the quote struck a chord because it has lots of meaning to me right now. it was a reminder to not let life pass me by, i am in full control – choosing my destiny. and it’s not easy by all means, yet never too late and with no regrets. with a little inspiration and the feeling that change can make all the difference, i am playing my life. not as a game, but as a journey.

i like to think that i challenge the everyday stuff, shouldn’t we?

challenge what you’ve got. and i don’t mean material possessions. this isn’t about how many suv’s you can cram into your driveway. it doesn’t have to cost money. it’s about quality of life, things that make you happy, a job or hobby that you love to get out of bed in the morning for, education, travel, love…….and go get more if it’s not enough. but don’t let the moment pass you by.

and it’s okay if your inspiration comes from a teabag. today mine did.


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