nissa la bella

nissa la bella, nice the beautiful

we hung out all day in nice, walking around, enjoying the gorgeous, beautiful weather on saturday. i, as always, took tons of photos (with the help of david, thanks!).

now that the carnaval is over, spending the day in nice is much easier. not to mention parking! i don’t have much to say today, so i thought i would just share some photos.

i hope you can enjoy them as much as i do!

colorful buildings surrounding the port of nice

marché aux fleurs – this famous market takes place on the cours saleya in the heart of the old town nice

i took this photo for aaron and carla
(this restaurant, Restaurant du Gesù is a small gem in old nice)

aaron & carla: we had some socca and beignets at Chez René Socca for ya! (oh, and a pression also) ;-)

i’ll write all about socca and food unique to nice another time….unfortunately we were so enthralled with eating our food, i actually (if you can believe it) forgot to take photos of the food so i could write about it…..but don’t worry, there’ll definitely be another time. yummm…..!!

i was intrigued with this building. such rich and happy colors. i just wanted to reach out my hand and touch the building, it looked “soft”, if that even can describe how i felt when i took the photo….

a view of the end of the beach, looking towards the quai des etats-unis (the united states quay/waterfront) just in front of old town nice

another couple of the beach / surrounding buildings near the quai des etats-unis

until next time my friends……


2 thoughts on “nissa la bella

  1. Anonymous

    Mmmm!! Socca and beer…a match made in heaven. Thanks for posting the pics and thinking of us during your travels. :)

    Carla and Aaron


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