did you know?

so i thought of something new and fun for my blog today.

i manage to write an entry once or twice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less…..but i realized that i don’t really share a lot of everyday things, factoids, etc. about living here. probably because it’s difficult to make an entire entry on something like french pharmacies, sort of boring right? plus i believe in always providing a photo or image with every entry. as a resident here, i feel silly snapping photos at my local neighborhood pharmacy….as you can most likely understand. there are interesting things about french pharmacies that i would like to share though, so i do feel i need a fun way to talk about it……

but what happens if i write small paragraphs, with one or no photos, providing ‘did you know’ facts and or everyday things about france? i may use images other than my own (i will always say as such either way) as some things are just awkward to take photos of myself.

i figure that this is a fun way to help everyone uncover the small little things that make life different here, without feeling like i have to write a long entry. just a quick snippet.

so i’ll start off with this as:


each time you go to any grocery store, you will be expected to provide your own bags. you can purchase reusable bags most of the time, however, they are more solid than lets say, a meijer bag, and last for many, many trips. most places offer 3 types of bags: cheapie tiny plastic bag (only lasts one or two additional trips) for 10 cents, sturdy plastic, larger bag for 40 cents or less and then the largest, sturdiest bags normally cost 60 or 70 cents (they last a long time and can carry a ton of stuff). i also rotate using three canvas-type bags from a company called muji, that i got for a present from my big sis, they are great!! they are good to use also when not at a supermarket since they are prettier.

as well as bringing your own bags to the store, you will never, ever encounter a ‘bagger’ anywhere. literally. you pack your own groceries into your cart. i love this. nothing gets squished or broken (depends on who’s doing the packing though, i guess!!) and you know that you are getting as much into the bags you paid for too. you are also more engaged in what you are purchasing.

try it out one day…..bring your own bags and pack them yourself, you’ll see, it’s fun!

and not to mention, great for the environment ;-)

(photo i took of 2 of the larger grocery store bags and one of my canvas-type bags that has a pouch to keep it in too!)


3 thoughts on “did you know?

  1. marsha

    brings back memories of england….. i have enviro sacks that i take to the store…… but the baggers insist on packing them for me….must be a job security thing :-)
    i constantly have to tell them that they can hold a small child….. and to pack them more…..they look at me with that weird kind of look, hold the bag up, just to make sure, and always say something like…”wow…you are right, they really do hold a lot!” they also give me a nickel for each bag that i bring…. it will never add up enough to buy a coffee….but the trees all smile at me more now! xo mom

  2. corey d

    mom – i think it’s great you bring your own bags :-) the trees will never stop thanking you!!

    thanks audge ;-)


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