hiking the circuit des chateaux, mandelieu

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another amazing day of hiking yesterday. i think this route is up there in the top 2 best hikes we have taken so far! it was part hillside/rock path (literally up the side of a hill, it was gorgeous!), part city/beach and part summit/hilltop. my photos are in order of what we saw (minus some of the beach parts in the beginning because i already took some of this same beach earlier…no need to repeat).

the first photo: this was our ascent into the side of the hill – – david was barreling ahead of me!

here is me, posing for a photo (it was my turn to carry the bag…i always manage to get out of carrying it….water is necessary though ;-) glad we had it!

the first sign that let us know we were on the right path! i love to see the signs…we moved forward!

this was at the top of the first hillside/rock path. quite a beautiful sight….it was overlooking the port just past the mandelieu castle…we we able to hang out for a few minutes, take photos and drink some refreshing water…then on towards the next part of the hike!

this was a even further up the hill, i love the arches at this port – – quite unique and very picturesque..

this arch caught my eye – – you can actually see the coast directly through the middle of the gates. this was part two of the hike, we descended a bit and then walked along a main road. we wrapped around a few bends to get to the next major hillside part of the hike

in a hidden little pathway, between a bench (and near a bustop, oddly enough) this scene caught my eye. the water looked tropical – – i just wanted to dive right in!

just around the bend the second part of our hike continued. i snapped this photo because it almost took my breath away when i turned around after we crossed the road. it was actually quite a busy roundabout with lots of cars. the angle that we were at made it look so wide open and serene. i just had to snap a photo….

typical signpost. quite obvious which way you would need to go, right? always cracks me up.

hhmmmmmm, go left? yup, i think that makes sense…….

this was a quiet street about halfway up towards the summit of the hill – part three of the hike. if you look on the left of the photo you’ll see a gate. this is actually someone’s house.


the view from the tower (on old castle ruin).

wow. i was breathless.

(but still had enough breath to take photos……) cheese ;-)

this was a map of 360 degrees of view that we had. we were literally standing on the top of the hill (not sure when a hill is considered a mountain, we were as high up as you could get for miles around….). beautiful.

the map showed all of the ports, including cannes off in the distance towards the far left and behind us, some of the mountains.

the view on the way down……again, breathtaking endless blue ocean….

(sigh….if i could look at that forever…..)

follow the path….

and go down the stairs, you’ll find your way home ;-) we did!


4 thoughts on “hiking the circuit des chateaux, mandelieu

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Corey, you look great…the French lifestyle seems to be treating you nicely. :)


  2. marsha

    your pictures are so beautiful! i absolutely love the signpost one…you could blow it up, frame it, and sell it! of course i would expect you to give me the first one! :-)
    xo mom

  3. corey d

    carla – thanks! i do love the french lifestyle!!

    mom – thanks! oooo, i didn’t even think of that, it probably would look great framed, huh?

    margo – thanks! i am finally getting better at HTML, it took me forever to figure some of this stuff out! miss you too

    love you all xoxo corey :-)


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