did you know?

any american that watches any portion of television in france is bound to notice a remarkable difference in the way that france advertises commercials on tv.

let me make a comparison (based solely on my opinion of course):

summary of american commercials: buy lots of stuff you don’t need because we say so and you need it; our food is good to eat so go and buy it you need it (and we don’t really care if you get fat eating it); you need to watch this movie because it’s the best ever; drink lots of beer – it’s really good, and cold; call this number on the screen for something free and then we’ll take you for all you’ve got; buy this car so you can be better than your neighbor plus it’s the biggest one on the road (we don’t care if it is too expensive and harms the environment)…….the list could go on and on, right?

summary of french commercials: protect your clothing with this detergent, they will look better over time; eat this wonderful food, but not too much and be sure to exercise; buy this perfume because you will smell like a flower and waltz through life; spend time with your family and cook our food; eat this yoghurt for your health and to keep your body and internal flora in harmony; buy this body lotion to smooth out your skin so it looks it’s best ever……sounds a little softer and less ‘in your face’ huh?

you get my drift i’m sure.

and i’m not saying that france doesn’t advertize to get people to buy stuff, that is the bottom line of advertising of course, i’m not debating that. (or that france is better than the u.s. – – not saying that either). it’s just the way in which advertising messages are portrayed to the public and what responsibility is being taken (either by the actual company themselves, the broadcasters or the government).

did you know that in france, there are many types of tv commercials that are banned?
for instance…..anything advertising:
– alcohol
– tobacco
– prescription medicine
– anything specifically geared towards children

i’m sure there are others, however these are the most common. how many commercials are there in the u.s. for prescription drugs? think about it….

and a recent law here that went into effect last year in february, states that one of the following messages must be shown on food ads or the company is subject to large fines:
– “avoid snacking between meals”
-“for your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day”
– “practice a physical activity regularly”
any of which must be followed to a reference to visit the website http://www.mangerbouger.fr/

mangerbouger.fr (stands for moving eating), has tips on healthy snacking, what to eat if you are a child, adult, adolescent, pregnant, etc. it is chock full of information on healthy eating and exercising for fitness and wellbeing! it’s great, and it’s not sponsored by a supermarket chain or a nationwide brand.

how great would that be for everyone living in the united states if a responsibility would be taken over the knowledge of what goes in peoples mouths and how it affects a person’s wellbeing?? in commercials!!!! i’m sure advertisers wouldn’t hear of it and the government would be hassled that they are too involved in people’s rights…..

many people don’t realize how many calories are in that frozen meal that is advertised on t.v.; or that if you buy too many snack foods like crackers, doritos, peanuts, etc. you may end up overweight and a big ball of salt; or that if you eat out at that chain restaurant you’ll walk out having consumed your calorie allowance equal to two day’s worth; or that even though a product is advertised that is 0% fat, an extra 100 chemicals have been added to make it edible.

perhaps people do know this.

perhaps there just isn’t enough of someone telling them,
“put down the dorito, man!!”

we all need a little help sometimes…….right? ;-)

(found this interesting article on french commercials in the new york times – – click here to read)


3 thoughts on “did you know?

  1. JesAnn

    that’s really interesting! it must create a subconscious health awareness…how wonderful! while we are encouraged to consume garbage (lots of it) and continue to search for that magic pill! we are doomed! ha! crazy! can i sign up for French tv?

  2. JesAnn

    thanks! good stuff….at least there appears to be hope (effort at least) for us?!

    same old here!
    hope things are great! xo


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