take a deep breath, relax…..

in a world of uncertainty, constant change and self-discovery where the road can be long and winding…..we may sometimes feel lost, many times worried or unsure what the future may bring us. if you are like me, and find the search exciting and very much worth the effort, you may also feel the pressure (even if only our own on ourselves) weighing in heavily.

we all need to take a break, take some deep breaths and realize that everything works out in ways sometimes we don’t, or can’t, understand. the outcome may not even matter – – we are not reader’s of the future, of our own or others. happiness is not fleeting….it sticks around, if you let it.

in those times of self-doubt, which i know everyone has, albeit probably more often than we like…..a break, an escape, a parting with life’s bothers is greatly needed.

let me take you to a place that can make those worries a faint whisper, a long parted trouble and taken away in the wind. a place that has the ability to pull out of you those nagging troubles, no matter what they may be – – however insignificant or faint…..

beauty has that affect on me, at least. i arrive with more than what i leave with. the hands in the wind grab at what nags at me at takes it away, lifts it off my shoulders. launches it into the horizon, far, far away…..

i can only be eternally thankful for what i have been lucky enough to experience in my life. the sights, the sounds, the people. and these i will hold dear and never let go……

for they provide me with solace, escape and utter happiness. they have given me insight into myself and they are part of the pieces of me. what makes me who i am.

so let me take you to a place that can make those worries a faint whisper…

take a deep breath, relax…

inhale the beauty and let your worries drift far, far away into the wind….and beyond.

it works for me……and that is why i love cap d’antibes. this one gets tucked away for safe-keeping. i know i’ll need to look on it again, when i just need to relax.


9 thoughts on “take a deep breath, relax…..

  1. corey d

    thanks carla – – it is absolutely breathtaking there. i could hardly believe my eyes….pure wonder! ;-) ahhhhh, the south of france.

    (on a side note: cap d’antibes is one of the most expensive places to buy a home in the south of france. many celebrities and millionaires/billionaires have houses there….not surprising, right?)

    xo c

  2. Anonymous

    corey, i am in love with your blog… the pictures look like postcards.. i don’t think i could even dream of a more beautiful place! like i said before, your blog is my “cup of tea” when i need a boost! thank you.

    call me soon, i miss you..

  3. Anonymous

    Well I dont even know what the hell a blog is but here I am! I like what you are doing here…dear diary, today I took a hike and drank some wine…blog blog. Taysha says the only way to get in touch with you guys is by Skype, what the hell is that? Are you guys in the future or something?

  4. corey d

    dear anonymous, i’m glad you like my blog – – you should visit more often. i am sad to report that i do not live in the future but do use many advanced forms of communication. for example, i am reachable by courrier pigeon or morse code. or better yet, a barrel around the neck of a st. bernard (he can run really fast). i do advise that you may want to give these routes of communication plenty of time to reach me. i am very far away. almost as far as being in the future. but not quite.
    (why didn’t you just send me an e-mail ya big dork) ;-)

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