no poop for you!!

did you know?

since it’s april fool’s day i find it appropriate to share something that i find funny.

lots of people in france have dogs, little tiny dogs. dogs so small that sometimes i actually laugh when i see them; can it be real?

and they poop a lot. well, i guess all dogs poop a lot. but even so, in france you’ll see more poop on the sidewalk than anywhere else. and today it’s raining. think of sliding over on that, huh? just like a banana peel in a cartoon. sidewalks here are slippery enough on their own when wet……

did you know that it is apparently a law here, not to mention since 1974, to pick up after your dog? but you would never know, because, well…..

people just don’t.

just in case, as to not forget, signs are posted. they are everywhere. always the same sign.

they are hilarious! and for your viewing pleasure, you even get a little cartoon turd shape too. how can you not laugh at this?



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