more adventures, spring has sprung!!

i apologize in advance that it has been almost 2 full weeks since i have last posted an entry. i have been a busy little bee indeed. above is a photo i took at st. honorat island, makes me want to jump right in!

between immigration procedures, visiting friends, boating to nearby islands and enjoying this gorgeous weather (not to mention birthdays and easter)…i have managed to keep surprisingly occupied while unemployed.

i actually have lots to write about, it is just a matter of finding the motivation to sit down and just do it! (note to self: step 1 = get out of bed early). for those of you who know me pretty well, also know that i love to sleep….a lot.

i am finally at the last leg of my immigration process, whew! what a haul. well, i still have small things to do like exchange my drivers license and translate some documents…but nothing major. this thursday will be the final ‘full day’ learning about ma vie en france. not to mention that it includes a full hour and a half sit-down lunch in the middle of it. typical, ha! typical.

so i promise that i will write about the lerins islands, our recent visit to marseille and also what life is like in cannes now that the beginning of tourist season has begun. out on my run today i played ‘spot the tourist’ to keep myself occupied. residents of cannes (including me and david) are still wearing jeans/long pants and cardigans/sweaters in the evening. tourists have shorts, flip-flops and tank tops. but i don’t mind, i was one of them not so long ago ;-)

this purple little guy was happily swimming around in the shallow water with some other buddies and he was so cute i had to snap a photo. just watch out and don’t get to close! they are cute, until you touch them. ouch!!

happy birthday today mom :-)

here’s me opening up an easter egg, france-style. delicious!!!

springtime in cannes, trés jolie!

gorgeous purple flowers are in full bloom right now – – they smell heavenly!

please check back soon, i’ll have more posts up this week and next….
thanks for always staying tuned :-) the adventure will continue, no doubt about that.


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