théoule-sur-mer, une vrai beauté

théoule-sur-mer is a mere 15 minute drive from cannes if travelling along the seaside road. although it is easily accessible by train and bus, it always seems to be quieter than say, cannes city centre.

on this rainy monday, i am happy to post a few photos from théoule that i took on a hike this past weekend with david. we hiked up a huge rolling hill on a super windy day….there were actually points along the hike (when we were waaay far up) that i was actually a bit frightened! doesn’t help that i have a phobia of being up too high, at times the path was tiny and felt as though it was a little too close to the edge of the hill (i’m hesitant to say mountain, but i truly think it is a mountain…not a hill)…..

after asking a random shopkeeper in town how to get to our starting point, la plage de l’aiguille (shown below), we started towards the hiking path. we passed a few public beach spaces, gorgeous, but vacant, because it was an outrageously windy day.

about half way up the hill/mountain, there were various path’s jutting out into the ocean. below is a snapshot of some of the rocky decent towards a ‘hidden’ beach…which apparently is only accessible from these paths. it was a gorgeous site. i was terrified to get to close to the edge of the path, it was viciously windy and i was scared like a little baby. david was laughing at me….

shown below are two photos of the hidden beach, one from the left of the beach and one from the right of the beach, further along the path along the mountain.

after another 30-40 minutes along the path, along a winding road and into another off-the-beaten-path hiking trail, we arrived at the summit. it was windy, and when i say windy, i was almost tempted to actually sit on the ground for fear of being swept out into the sea from the top! again, david was laughing at me, he wasn’t concerned about the wind in the least.

the view was beautiful and we could see for miles and miles, even as far as the lérins islands!

we crossed back into the hillside, where the path flattened out giving us the fresh scent of pine, eucalyptus and wildflowers. ahhh, the sweet smell of fresh air and countryside….

the path then took us back onto the opposite side of the mountain, giving us breathtaking views of the towns below, as well as insight into the lives of some of the most rich and famous….and their secret french hideaways.

the photo below is looking towards cannes. you can even see the cruise ship that docked in town for two days. this time of year it’s very common to see gigantic cruise ships docked just off shore. they hover for a few days, out of town tourists crowd into town by hoards, and then jet off to their next mediterranean destination.

i took this next photo looking down onto a spectacular house privately nestled into the side of the mountain…i always wonder who owns the house, what they do for a living and if they know just how fortunate they are to have their house.

i mean, the view itself is worth a million dollars…..

we continued along the tiny winding roads oooing and awing at the houses…all of the infinity edged pools overlooking the french riviera, magnificent balcony’s and vine-covered terrace’s owned by who i can only imagine to be celebrities or the rich and famous.

looking down over the city centre of théoule-sur-mer, we descended back to where our little twingo was waiting for us.

it was a beautiful day to hike (although crazy windy) and i’m glad we were able to explore some more of the region!


4 thoughts on “théoule-sur-mer, une vrai beauté

  1. corey d

    thanks mom! :-) xo

    anonymous: i wish i was a journalist….if only! (but you made me smile, thanks :-)

    aunt janice: thank you for your nice comment! hope all is well with you all! sending big hugs xo corey


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