joyeuse fête du travail ! !

today, may 1st, in france is the ‘fête du travail’, equivalent to labor day in the u.s.
stores are closed, people have the day off work and most people spend time with their families. or, as did we, flock to our gorgeous southern beaches in hoards!

anyone visiting on this day, not familiar with the ‘premier mai’ in france, may wonder why so many street-vendors and the markets are overflowing with ‘muguet’ flowers, ((pronounced mew-gay):lily of the valleys) for sale? it is customary to give muguet flowers to your loved ones, family, friends, etc. as they ‘porte du bonheur’, they bring luck!

i bought this muguet pot (my photos above and below) from the market here in cannes for my mother-in-law…pretty!

we got up decently early today to hit the local market. we bought tons of fresh fruit and veggies. yum! we also picked up some ham cut by hand off the bone and also some pâté called ‘pâté de grand mere’ – – delicious! we lunched outside on the balcony with our market finds and opened a bottle of red wine. what a way to spend lunch!

the rest of the day, we spent on the beach in théoule-sur-mer and driving along the road that is ‘board de la mer’, along the sea. a photo i took along the path shown below…

we had a wonderful day and if i could, i would have bought muguet flowers for everyone to wish everyone ‘beaucoup de bonheur’ ! ! !

joyeuse fête ! ! ! !


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