could be here or there…

can i merge here with there and not have to bother? best of both worlds?

wish things were that easy, right?

in my head, i tend to justify things accordingly. and it’s not like i can change every little aspect of life. it keeps me moving forward and i’m happy about it.

for me, standing still is no way to live….but moving forward is. evolving, growing, learning, extending beyond my comfort zone….

like an old friend that sticks by my side no matter what, i have this inventory of memories and experiences that keep building up, over time – catching me when i fall, and lifting me up when i’m down…..

and for all of that i am thankful, grateful and consider myself one lucky gal.

it is said that cats have 9 lives. i think we can too.
(although let’s hope far less dramatic than the old saying goes…)

i think it’s okay to go where the wind takes you….
so far i like it’s path,

could be here or there…


2 thoughts on “could be here or there…

  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully written and well thought out…it’s been great to watch you and David grow over time. We always admire your guys’ willingness to take risks.

    -Carla and Aaron

  2. corey d

    thanks carla – it has been great to be able to share it all with you and aaron!! hope we’ll be able to see each other soon….?
    :-) xo c


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