in the eye of the beholder…

two full weeks have passed since i tearfully left the magnificent south of france. i almost had to be pushed onto the plane. dragging heels, frown and a pit in my stomach.

almost 6 months living, experiencing, taking in the wonderful life of the french; it’s significant. perhaps life changing…

i truly do believe that there is beauty all around us, no matter where we go. i will make that beauty apparent, live it, breathe it…or chase it if it flutters too far away….

in my temporary suburban dwelling, this beauty i speak of is oftentimes clouded by life’s many tragic distractions. i won’t let that stop me though. perhaps i can even help others to see it too…

everything is in the eye of the beholder. you just have to look. if you don’t see it at first, look again. i promise it’s there.

in my first real attempt to actually grow something edible, renewable, to soothe my conscious, we started a pseudo-garden on the back deck. it’s small, somewhat amateur, i admit.

we have delectable vine tomatoes, fragrant basil, thyme and rosemary. ohhh, the scents! i wait with child-like anticipation the day i can sink my teeth into a juicy tomato; the beginning lives of my tomatoes below….

i thank you all, loyal readers, for riding along with me thus far. i think i have gotten used to having you here, listening and reading.

it’s like a gentle push forward, a reassuring nudge into the unknown. we are all always moving forward, and isn’t it nice to have people come along?

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

i know you see it too….


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