go green ! !

you may be confused by this title, me being a spartan and all.

truth is, i don’t even own anything anymore that even mentions michigan state. or the spartans. and i don’t bleed green. (i think i heard your gasp from here…)

what i do want to talk about is about BEING green. not bleeding, or wearing or shouting green.

image by lisa wood, 2009

and i want to hear from you.

what do you do to help the environment? what part do you play in reducing, reusing and recycling?

share some pride about what you do to help mother earth by letting everyone know what you do, big or small. you may even give someone else a fabulous idea, or inspire them to do the same!!

leave your thoughts in the comments box by clicking on ‘comments’ below this post….be the first to start the discussion!

we can all make a difference!

reduce, reuse, recycle….
lower consumption, lower emissions, lower greenhouse gasses

i know i’m doing my part to help :-)


8 thoughts on “go green ! !

  1. corey d

    ok, i'll start….

    i love to use re-usable bags….plastic bags are a waste!(mine are even cute!!)
    recycle all plastic, glass, paper and cardboard!
    i only buy stuff i need
    buy local, it not only tastes better, it's better for the environment!
    i read labels…!! if i don't like what's in it, i don't buy it!
    unplug it when it's not in use!

    ok, you're next……..! (and don't worry, i have more…)

  2. Anonymous

    i recycle all plastic, glass, paper, etc!
    try to use mostly "green" cleaning and bathing products
    shop at local farmers markets when i can…
    have made a pledge to use cloth diapers if i ever have another baby :)


  3. corey d

    that's awesome mol! and wow, double smile on…another baby?? do i hear the pitter-patter of another set of feet in your near future? ;-)

  4. corey d

    oh yea!
    thank you for sharing your 'green' habits! :-)

    carla – i love that you walk to work :-)

  5. JesAnn

    I recycle what trash I can, use public trans, shop my local produce market, use re-usable bags and water bottles, turn off/unplug what is not being used. When heat or a/c is in season I program my thermostat to use less energy when I am not at home….

  6. Anonymous

    In addition to all of the previous posts…I also reuse water by using a rainbarrel to sustain a purely organic garden (tomatoes, beans, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, herbs,and squash). I also drive a small, fuel-efficient car and clean the air filter often. I also conserve gas by keeping the tire pressure within the optimal range.

  7. sans map Post author

    thank you everyone for sharing all the great things you are all doing to live ‘green’ and work towards being more sustainable! i appreciate the discussion and love all the great ideas you all have!


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