turning the pages

i bit the bullet and am officially going for it. i bought 3 books from amazon today as my first step.

these are 3 books that have been sitting in my amazon.com wishlist for too long.

for those of you with amazon.com wishlists, you know what i mean. you want the books, but maybe not right now…..need time to think about it, or just dreaming of having more books and click the little ‘add to wishlist’ button – forever saved in the list? (can you see me smiling from there? more books!!!)

are you dying to know what i got? can’t stand the anticipation? (or are you just wishing that you knew the contents of my wishlist? hmmm….the curiosity!)

perhaps you are thinking that i got yet another book about the south of france or something in french, (my favorite topics), or a witty novel? a book about running, knitting or making soap? maybe even on gardening or something ‘green’?

nope, nope and nope.

you know that one game, ‘getting hotter’…’colder’, ‘getting warmer’.
well, you’re very cold. freezing even.

i bought study guides. 3 of them. and i sure hope they help.

i am taking the GRE general test for admission into graduate school.

(now i know you can see me smiling from there…)

why should i only dream, hope or wait when i can do, accomplish and achieve?

i am turning the pages of my own story…a new chapter, perhaps a true beginning? stick with me to see what happens next…

……hmmmm, the curiosity…


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