when things get complicated…

a simple sign post in france...

a simple sign post in france...


my three GRE prep books arrived with gusto in the oh-so-familiar amazon.com fashion..complete with a smile.
now stacked in a crisp tower of pages within arms reach, waiting to be read….i can feel it…..

i think they are staring at me.

my folder, let’s not forget my quirky organization, labeled ‘Graduate School & Information’ sitting pretty directly next to my tower, also within arms reach…

staring at me.

what?!? what do you want?

i don’t make the rules. i couldn’t have predicted this! nor do i pretend to know how this is all going to work. i mean, it will work. let’s get that part straight. what i do know is that it’s just getting complicated.

so it turns out that i most likely will not even need to take the GRE. at all. the program i thought would be perfect, well…just wasn’t. i really didn’t even fit into the little mold that they wanted their cute recruits to be molded from. so, perhaps it is best not to go there anyway. (wow, i need to be more positive right?)

that’s not to say i wasn’t totally down and out dissapointed when i learned this.
i drove 45 minutes one way for 3 minutes time with an advisor. they like to cut to the chase.

so when things get complicated, i say bring it on.

when i feel like i just don’t know how everything will work out, i say bring it on.

hey, at least amazon accepts returns :-)


4 thoughts on “when things get complicated…

  1. Carla

    Good to know that it’s not the right place now as opposed to after you’ve wasted time studying for and taking the GRE. :)

    You’re a determined lady…you’ll find the right place for you, just takes time to research.

  2. sans map Post author

    thanks carla….no kidding, who wants to study for nothing! good thing i was able to find out before i was too far invested! thanks for the words of encouragement :-)


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