reaching a milestone

wedding photo
yesterday marked the day, 5 years before, that i walked down the aisle and began a new chapter full of happiness and adventure.

anniversaries, especially the milestones – even the small ones, always encourage a certain amount of sentimental reflection. it’s hard not to think of the wedding, the entire day, the preparations and how the day played out in a whirlwind manner, without smiling.
it’s truly bittersweet.

i know that 5 years isn’t anything to write home about, but then again….some people don’t make it even that far.

you know it’s meant to be when you think, jeez, 5 years already? it cant’ be….i swear we just got married….! time passes quickly when you are happy and having fun. for some, they may not be as lucky.

i have only one person to thank for the smile stuck on my face….

so merci mon amour….merci beaucoup pour les dernières cinq ans d’aventure, toi à coté de moi…

may 5 years lend to 10, 20, 30 and more….!

the love and adventure continues!


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