our vintage restoration projects

nuts and bolts

i haven’t posted anything for 10 days….want to know why?

we have been diligently sanding, waxing, polishing, unscrewing, re-screwing, cleaning, scraping and de-nailing for the past week and a half.

in a flurry of sawdust, 50-yr old caked-on grime, flaking varnish and with the oldies rock station blaring in the background; i have been putting some good ‘ol elbow grease (and much love) into restoring our newly acquired old furniture.


what steel wool does for chrome - - cleaning the gunk off the table

what steel wool does for chrome - - cleaning the gunk off the table


for about the last, oh, i’d say…three weeks, we have been purchasing vintage furniture from various sources like craigslist, eBay, estate sales and garage sales. it has actually turned out to be amazing and i never thought i would have so much fun and find so much satisfaction in restoring old furniture!

(well, i guess only if you’re into that kind of thing….to some people, working with furniture and restoring things is more of a hassle and headache….)

 so far, nothing that we have purchased has cost very much.  even our amazing mid-century modern dresser set (included 2 dressers with mirror) cost under $150 off eBay (no restoration needed!).


a sneak peek at my mid century dresser and mirror

a sneak peek at my mid century dresser and mirror


right now, i have exactly four projects going at the same time. this isn’t because i acquired an attention deficit disorder or anything (make your own assumptions of course)…one must consider dry-time: thanks to my handy talented uncle for showing me his amazing wax technique!!


after sanding and minwax coating #1

after sanding and minwax coating #1


one mini-project, the easiest one at that, is now finished. re-gluing and spray painting a crusty old magazine rack that i found at a vintage garage sale for 6 bucks. i sanded, re-glued and painted – – now it looks awesome shiny and black.


metal magazine rack (after)

metal magazine rack (after)


the other projects we are working on are still in progress…don’t worry – i have taken many photos along the way to document our progress. once finished, i’ll definitely share.

for now, hopefully i have left you with an idea and a few glimpses of what is to come…..and back out into the garage for me, gloves on, safety goggles on and GO!


2 thoughts on “our vintage restoration projects

  1. Carla

    Wow! Corey, you’ve done a great job…you’ve always been very focused and persistent when you find something you love. Can’t wait to see all of the beautiful things in person.

  2. sans map Post author

    oh, thanks carla!! we are having so much fun out on our treasure hunt! and all of the unlikely sources for our stuff is too funny!


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