imagine, create, do.

every morning, when i open my computer for my daily ritual of checking e-mail, looking for job postings and checking off a list of (what seems like) 10 thousand other websites….my home page brings me directly to the new york times.

i have a strict habit, even before i click on my e-mail, to always browse through the front page articles, see what is going on in the world, what happened while i slept and to read up on what is happening out there beyond my direct reach.

after reading an article about obama’s ‘cash for clunker’s’, most formally know as the CARS program, (will it end? will it go on? – i wish i had a car to trade in!), an article about how installing ‘light’ white roofs can help save on cooling expenses and help the environment, i came across a blog entry by maira kalman.

maira kalman, a wonderfully talented illustrator, author, artist and designer, took me away on a beautifully illustrated journey when i read her  “And the Pursuit of Happiness”.  she is the author of more than 10 children’s books, illustrated the most recent edition of  ‘the elements of style’, teaches graduate level courses at the school of visual arts in new york and in her monthly new york times blog writes about and explores thoughts on american democracy.

here is one of her illustrations:

an illustration by maira kalman as seen on her new york times blog

an excerpt of an illustration by maira kalman as seen on her new york times blog

A wonderfully fairytale-like short about benjamin franklin that nudges you to extend your thinking and for me, encourages me to create.

i don’t even think it matters what people create, whether it’s something useful to others, something useful only to them, as long as something is being created, thought up.

i encourage you to stop by her blog and enjoy her writing and illustrations as much as i did…..

handmade, home-brewed, redone, restored, renewed, reused……go out there and use that think tank of yours!

thank you, maira kalman, for inspiring me today……to imagine, create and do.


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