all things pretty and etsy too!

teapot and flowers

pretty things, flowers from my mom's garden!

where can you go to find handmade, unique and vintage items that are pretty??

you can find them all in one place: etsy.

i love, love, love to browse etsy and put items into my ‘cart’. of course, for now, not actually buying anything. sigh…….

if you haven’t before, hop right on over to and see what you have been missing!

perhaps as i get better at sewing, i’ll even be able to sell something on etsy? hmmm….so much to ponder.  (i am almost finished with my first sewing project – an apron – so far, i am really liking the methodical and detail-oriented nature of sewing). i wonder how it will turn out?

well, you’ll just have to wait and see….

until then, i hope your day is filled with laughter, pretty things and etsy too!


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