the funny irony of things…

frog on lake michigan

sometimes, the hilarious irony in my life makes me crack up.

last week, my hubby and i took a much needed break up north to a lake house near lake michigan. nestled high atop a sweeping hill overlooking the lake, we settled into relaxation.

it’s so nice to get away, to take five from everyday life and just take a breath of relief. no worries, no questions, no explanations. and best yet, no expectations. not that my life is is ruins right now or anything….but mentally, my brain feels like a hamster stuck in one of those crazy plastic balls.

so early one morning, we packed up and headed to ludington state park to enjoy the absolute beauty that she radiates. i always say that lake michigan feels like the sea except for the smell. you can’t quite beat the smell of salty crisp seaside air. (ahhh, my mind even right now starts to wander back to france…..)

so we hiked along the shoreline of lake michigan for about 2 miles to visit the big sable point lighthouse and to go take a look inside. we heard the view from the top was amazing.

along the way we chatted, held hands like little kids and i searched for those flat skipping stones and michigan driftwood. we could finally see the lighthouse off in the distance. as we got closer, i wondered how many people have walked along this same path, hand in hand, discussing plans and dreaming.


Lake Michigan Big Sable Lighthouse


we finally arrived at the towering lighthouse with it’s stark white and black stripes, standing watch over the water. we paid our minimal entrance fee to climb the tower, signed our names in the guest book and headed down the hallway towards the tower.

we started climbing and climbing and climbing, up the massive steel stairs…

all of a sudden, i realized the height at which we were ascending and felt certain panic. oh, did i fail to mention that i’m terribly afraid of heights?

oh dammit!?! rookie mistake…..i looked down.

frozen, clinging white knuckled to the railing on the winding staircase, we could see through each and every stair all the way up the tower, and…unfortunately, all the way down. one more turn around the steel spiral and we saw the sign painted telling us ‘you are half way there!’ – or something to that effect. why even tell us? don’t remind me how high up i am and then let me know that i’m only half way!! shit. i had to turn back.

sweat starting to dampen my forehead out of sheer panic, i forced myself back down the spiral staircase back the way i came. feeling really pathetic, as you can imagine.

ok. come on, you big baby, give it one more try…stair by stair, i tried again. one foot in front of the other, come on, you can do it!!

so how do you think it turned out? bet you think i’m so tough i made it right?

(sorry, i’ll stop laughing now)…i don’t really need to explain, again, the horrifying and embarrassing details of my miserable failures do i?  two tries apparently wasn’t enough. third time lucky?? nahhhh……maybe next time….


Big Sable Lighthouse, Ludington State Park

Big Sable Lighthouse, Ludington State Park


as we walked back along the water from the lighthouse, we began laughing hysterically. big tears of laughter rolling down my face, when we thought of the irony of my fears. i have moved to several different countries before, once with only 2 suitcases, no job, no apartment and without knowing anyone in the entire country. twice, to a non-english speaking country. once, completely by myself. so i consider myself pretty brave. i’m a risk taker, right?

but i can’t climb up a friggin’ lighthouse to save my life.

that’s just the funny irony of things.


2 thoughts on “the funny irony of things…

  1. Carla

    Oh no!!! You’re right about anxiety! It’s pretty illogical and does not respond well to reasoning. I’m afraid of heights too- perhaps we can try and tackle our fears together sometime?


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