coeur de pirate, live: ‘comme des enfants’

my mood is easily influenced by music, most especially french music…

after obsessively watching the weekly airing of the show taratata in france, which quickly became one of my favorites; i have continued my quest to discover more and more french and french-canadian music to add to my collection.

coeur de pirate, a young 19 yr old native of quebec, has a whimsical fresh sound that makes me smile. her first, and so far very sucessful album, is self-titled as ‘coeur de pirate’. i love all of the songs!

coeur de pirate album cover

coeur de pirate album cover

i wanted to share some of her music with you, perhaps you’ll like it just the same…

here is a video clip from france 2 news of a live interview with béatrice the heart and soul of coeur de pirate – it’s in french, sorry to those who cannot understand – but she sings live at minute 4:01 so you can always skip ahead. enjoy!


you can also watch the official video of this same song :

Coeur de Pirate || Comme des enfants from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.


one more clip:

convinced yet? i hope so.


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