birthday pleats for me!

how long do you think it takes to make 3/4in pleats in four 18in x 18in fabric squares? probably not too long i’d imagine.

for me, a novice, a beginner, an amateur – whatever you could call me – it took me hours. and i mean hours. folding, pinning, measuring…folding, pinning, measuring….all i wanted to do was make a new skirt for my birthday. whew!! what a project…..well, you can’t say that i’m not ambitious!

this sunday is my 29th birthday and i’ll celebrate in chicago….better look great, right? i can hardly believe that i’ll be in my 30’s next year at this time.

the skirt, after two and a half days of straight sewing, is finished and looks awesome. my vintage necchi machine gliding and stitching with ease keeping up with me long into the night….like a steady companion.  i’m actually surprised by my own extreme patience and determination to finish.

a peek at my pleated birthday skirt

a peek at my pleated birthday skirt

so i’m off to chicago for a long weekend and back next week – until then i’ll take a little break from my sewing and go out on the town!


3 thoughts on “birthday pleats for me!

  1. sans map Post author

    thanks gals :-)

    carla – i’ll send you some pics from chicago….in my cute birthday skirt! thanks for the birthday wishes xo


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