taking inventory…

my trusty vintage necchi

my trusty vintage necchi

i am starting to feel like sewing is something that i’ll always do. and in a strange way i also feel like it has always been there. sort of like when you meet someone who you feel like you have known your whole life. a long lost friend.

i purchased my vintage necchi sewing machine the week after 4th july…i took it in to get fixed a few weeks later and picked it up from the shop after only one day. so i’ll skip the math, let’s just say i have been sewing for nearly two months.

now, taking into consideration that i am not working, i have made significantly more progress than i would have otherwise.

sewing brings a calm, lifts my shoulders of worries and the methodical preciseness and concentration feeds my need for creative thinking. i can sew for hours on end and not get bored.

sewing tools

so as my sewing machine whirrs at my fingertips, my brain is running calculations, drawing up plans and dreaming of what is to come.

can i really do it? can i make it work?

i drop my pins and my mind switches gear…am i sewing straight while dreaming? i sure hope so….

i’ve always had big dreams, big hopes for the future and none of that has changed.

the wheels are turning and each stitch gets me one step closer…..


p.s. here is my finished birthday skirt, taken by my sister in chicago :-)

my birthday skirt!

my birthday skirt!

ready to go out on the town!

ready to go out on the town!


8 thoughts on “taking inventory…

  1. chimpsgomoo

    I know what you are thinking. I started sewing a few weeks ago and I too wonder, will I be able to keep this up? Will I be able to make the cool things I dream up?

    Good luck with your continued sewing, and I love your machine! :)

  2. sans map Post author

    thanks chimpsgomoo! sewing has proved to be a great creative outlet and each new project i work on gives me that excitement of “wow!” – a new technique!
    thanks for the encouragement and i wish the same to you :-)
    sew on, dream on, create!!

  3. Kristie

    wowo! what a pretty little skirt for an evening out! keep up the good work.. what’s your next project going to be? happy belated birthday, by the way!

  4. sans map Post author

    jes – thanks! (much cuter actually on me than on the hanger, right?)!!

    kristie – thanks! oooh, i have lots of projects lined up…..! skirts and shirts and jackets (and if i’m lucky maybe pants too? – pants seem so hard to make though, and fit properly….hmmm)

  5. Mike

    I am trying to determine how old this Neechi Mira BF sewing machine is that I recently discovered was part of a table we own (now we know as a sewing table) is…it appears vintage, is metal, drap green in color (appears by design), very well made, losts of stainless steel parts, no plastic. Any suggestions would be helpful…thanks…Mike

    1. sans map Post author

      Hi Mike – thanks for the comment, sounds like a lovely machine – you should consider yourself very lucky! :-) I don’t know too much about the Mira BF – my Necchi Lelia is estimated to be from the late 50’s. I belong to a sewing circle group on Yahoo groups – they are experts – and if you join, they have lots of files and info on all the Necchi vintage models. I know they will be able to answer any questions for you.

      Here is the link to the group (you’ll need to follow the directions to join and then be approved by the group admin/leader before gaining access to any information):


      good luck with (what sounds like) your beautiful Necchi Mira!! (and if you are thinking of getting rid of it…..well, you could always let me know…. ;-)

      ~ sansmap


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