fingers on the start line…

hand sewn pockets

sure, i can do it, right? (eeek! can i?)

stacking my rainbow colored material, all carefully stitched, aligned, elongated….i stare off into the trees swaying in the september breeze…

what will they think, will they like it? will i succeed? am i just another one, or do i have something special, possess a skill all my own?

handmade purse handles


i’m at a point now, though, that there is no turning back. perhaps the old adage is correct when it is said that no news is better than bad news? or is that cowardly. if i never try, i’ll never know if i will succeed or if i’ll fail.

so with my fingers lined up on the start line, nervous, trembling, face forward focusing on the straightaway, i am ready to go.

i just hope i can make it to the finish line on top…


7 thoughts on “fingers on the start line…

  1. Carla

    Preaching to the choir, but remember that sometimes it’s not about finishing on top, it’s just about the journey and having the courage to line up at the start at all. Cue Eye of the Tiger music now…


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