grand opening!!!

sans map logo

so i’m sure most of you have wondered where i have been, huh? it’s been a little quiet on my blog lately, sorry about that.

(i’ve been keeping everything a secret!)

sans map handmade bag

i have been diligently sewing, planning, preparing and organizing….for…… new Etsy shop!!

please visit my brand new shop, sans map, here at the Etsy address below:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

featuring hand made bags, sewn by yours truly :-) i’m pretty new at this so, please, stick with me as i uncover all there is to making and selling handmade items.  i hope to have some more listed soon, so check back often!

this has been a long time coming and everything about opening this shop feels right. sewing feels like a long lost friend and now that it’s here i don’t want it to leave. but, i couldn’t have done it on my own.

to my two wonderful, talented and extraordinary sisters….thank you. i could never have done this without your constant support, feedback and help. i am eternally grateful and lucky to have such wonderful best friends as sisters.

my partner-in-crime, constant cheerleader…my other half, my husband, thank you a million times over. for not only supporting me but encouraging me full on to just go for it.  (and never complaining when i sew for hours on end as though i live in a cave) merci infiniment mon amour.

all of my other supportive friends, my parents, extended family…..thank you all!!!!!

(now go out there and spread the word!) sans map is open for business :-)



4 thoughts on “grand opening!!!

  1. Carla

    Woohoo Corey!! I’ve got my eyes on a couple of the purses—they’re beautiful! I like the color combinations. Plus, I’ve been dying to know what you planned to do with the strips of fabric from a few entries ago.


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