thrifty finds

happy tuesday! a very cold, chilly, blustery tuesday, but it’s a good snuggle-up-with-a-cuppa-tea and read, write or sew sort of day.

corey and sophie

i’m busy sewing, so predictable, and planning for our move out to brooklyn in a week and a half! today i took some photos of some new items for my etsy shop….

this past weekend, my husband and i went thrift store adventuring, so much fun as always…! we found some amazing things, lots of beautiful vintage wool skirts for me to sew with, including some long forgotten fabrics – – yards and yards of it just sitting waiting to be loved. i snatched it up and brought it back to my ever-growing fabric stash. all washed, ironed and ready to go my finds will be incorporated into more handmade goodies very soon.

one of my most exciting finds, ok…well, two of my most exciting finds were actually for me! i couldn’t resist. i found the greatest vintage winter jacket – what seems to be like a mod 60’s or early 70’s – in purple wool. so cute!!

another amazing little gem i found was a gianfranco ferré wool and silk woven suit jacket (or perhaps one would call it a blazer?). other than needing to remove the dated shoulder pads, it is in excellent condition.  now, i’m not one to gush over labels, but this brightly colored red and green beauty jumped off the rack at me from between the other shoddy, polyester, boxy suit jackets that i quickly passed over. it probably cost hundreds of dollars purchased new. and now it’s all mine :-) wheeeee!

sometimes i find things while out thrifting and just can’t believe that people don’t want these beautiful items! gorgeously made vintage items, designer duds and all!

so after another successful day of feeling like i found multiple trunks of hidden treasures i was again as happy as can be……


2 thoughts on “thrifty finds

  1. Carla

    Hey Corey,
    Love the purple coat with the leggings–ode to 60’s mod! Also, I love the new things you’ve added to etsy; the little travel bags are adorable. I think you’ll have lots of orders for the holidays.


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