the big apple awaits!!!

new york


almost one year ago, exactly, i was leaving my job in chicago gearing up for a move to the south of france.

tomorrow, we start another new adventure – – hopefully one that will last a very long time – –  we are moving to new york city.
brooklyn, to be exact. and i think it was a long time coming.

if you told me as a college student that i would end up marrying a french guy, meet him while studying abroad in france, live in glasgow – get engaged in france, move back to michigan, then move to chicago, and THEN leave everything in the u.s. and move to the south of france – – and now new york?…..i would have never believed you. i may have even laughed out loud.

i always knew i liked change, perhaps even sought it out.
the adventure, the excitement! change to the extreme. is there a sport for that?

we all carve our own way through life, some take what they are dealt – – some deal their own…

either way, i know i should consider myself lucky – and i’m grateful – that my brain is wired well for this.

of course i freak out, get stressed and panic from time to time when i sit and let my brain slowly process the insanity of it all – the moving, packing, planning and the process of change. don’t we all? but when it’s all said and done; we have a keen ability of finding ways to make things work, coping, calming our minds from obsessing unnecessarily and counteracting that unfortunate nag of self-doubt.

and for what it’s worth, as much as i myself have shaped, and instigated, these life-altering changes…they have only served better to shape me, my inner self, and helped me see clearly who i am.

so now that i’m packed and ready to go, let’s run, take a leap and we’ll all continue on to my next home. i won’t stop doing what i do, bringing you my chatter and streaming thoughts.

i’m glad you’re here, won’t you stay awhile?

the big apple is calling and i’ll be there soon……



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