at home in brooklyn

bedford avenue is basically the epicenter of williamsburg. indie shops, 24 hour (basically whatever you need…), bodega’s, coffee shops a-plenty, thrift stores, book stores and boutiques on every block… it’s non-stop 24/7 and, yup,  we live here……we’ll call it our temporary home for the next 2 months…..

our sublet apartment is perfect – exposed brickwork, hardwood floors, newly re-finished bathroom….it’s just right for what we need. a centrally located place to rest our heads. and feet. although a bit noisy (read: 24/7 madness!)…it’s fun, busy, crazy brooklyn and most of the noise is loudest on the weekends anyway.

it’s actually a fantastic introduction to nyc, the nearby neighborhoods like greenpoint and long island city (in queens) to the north, and south williamsburg then fort greene and clinton hill to the south.

we are officially one week into our new home. we have set out each day exploring a different street, neighborhood or location.  for those of you who know us well and already know, but for any others joining in….we like – LOVE – to cook (and eat!)  – – and for that, new york is paradise.

anything, and everything, you could possibly ever need (or want) is at your fingertips. not only ingredients, but eateries that are so authentic you feel transported in time….

yesterday, while exploring the brooklyn neighborhoods of cobble hill, boerum hill and carroll gardens, we stopped for brunch at one of the well-known french bistro’s (of which there are plenty). after basically licking our plates clean, we were satisfied with our benedict’s royal: eggs benedict with smoked salmon and potatoes with onion. (mmmm…think I just started to drool again…….). it was delicious!!!

we later found out that carroll gardens is home to the vast majority of french immigrants in new york and steadily growing.  french bistro’s and truly authentic pâtisseries lined the streets. ahhh, a taste of france right here in brooklyn.

there is so much to see, so much to do and as always, there’s never enough time in one day for it all! it’s almost difficult to even summarize how wonderful our first week in nyc has been!

so with our intermittent ‘borrowed’ internet connection, it’s been hard to spend time online…..but i promise to begin writing often again….and guess what?!?!?!

… sewing machine, fabric and notions will all be here this week!

if you were here next to me now, you would see me smiling and even perhaps from afar know that  i am happy to be here.

an entire year has passed since we embarked on our last adventure, and now as we begin a new one……

we’re home sweet home in brooklyn :-)

i can’t wait to share it all with you my dear readers….lots more to come…

the front door to our building, from the inside looking out.....a bit of graffiti for anyone?


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