the dichotomy of my days

my walk home each day isn’t so much methodical as it is necessary. besides the actual getting home part.

i think of it as more of a process…

down the elevator 9 floors, out the unnecessarily heavy front doors of my office and with each step i take forward i leave a piece of my day behind.  like a heavy wool cloak made up of many layers, i shed them with ease, one by one, as though untying the silky ribbon that holds them in place during the day.

i round the first corner of my block, and standing tall as if keeping watch on all us ants below, the empire state building shines down on me with all her glory. in plain view, just a mere 3 blocks away. each day i look upwards and the twinkle of this iconic beauty helps remind me that what i do to earn my keep in no way defines who i am or restricts me from doing what’s me.

this city is beautiful, not anything that i would have imagined yet so much more. a city that truly never sleeps and seems to move on each day like clockwork, tick, toc. tick, toc. like well oiled gears that move in rhythm, this city is a wondrous and special place; i’m so glad i’m here and this is just the beginning. i want you to know i’m smiling.

sentimental at heart, i can’t help but wonder what the immediate future has in store for me. so grateful to have done the things i have done in the past few years. memories that are a part of me, each one a single piece shaping and molding my future. perhaps everything was building up to this – for me to be here, at this moment in time, for whatever reason. do you believe in fate?

each time i have moved, i have seemed to fall in love with my surroundings.
but this time the feeling is different, do you think that new york could be ‘the one’.
i sure hope so, it feels like i belong.

for a person whose day consists of numbers, facts, charts, sales reports and needing to know margin percents….i sure don’t feel like that person when i get home. up the flight of cement and tile stairs, i leave the subway from the city, and enter brooklyn, my home. and by now all the layers of my cloak are gone in the wind.

perhaps i have found a unique balance of left and right-brained activities for this all to work in harmony. well, for now at least.
facts, figures, charts, go-go-go…….vintage aesthetic, tactile fabric, the hum of a sewing machine and calm.

this city either chews you up and spits you out, or welcomes you in and gives you a piece of itself. then it’s up to you to make of it what you will.

and i plan on doing just that.


3 thoughts on “the dichotomy of my days

  1. Carla

    Corey, I love this post! I think it’s my favorite one yet…such beautiful writing. You’re an inspiration and it’s great to follow you as you discover your many gifts.


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