when you find your place….

finding my place in this life is an on-going, ever-changing evolution. i know i have talked about this before and with good reason….i’m not letting up and i’m still headed in the right direction. it’s not like anyone else has it all figured out….(come on…you know i’m right…)…

year over year, i find myself growing up and growing into – who i am. who i always was, have been and will be.

but, i’ve shifted my thinking. i’ve shed, shaken, sold, downsized, stopped…..grown, gathered, embraced, saved and changed.

…and i’ve sewed.

a defining moment. and that was just the tip of the iceberg. one spontaneous decision to buy a vintage sewing machine – that i didn’t know how to use nor did i even know how to sew for that matter – changed the course of my life. literally.

i’m ready, i’m set and i’m determined. not to sit in a cube in a grey colored office each day just because that is what i do. because it’s not what i do nor who i am. and just to think that one simple, even spontaneous, decision can change it all.

(don’t worry, i’m not planning on making any rash decisions……arrgh, if only.)

i sew, i create, i dream. i think, i plan and i wish. most of which, i might add, doesn’t happen in those grey colored offices. (except for a little thinking i’d say……)

but, then i get to come home to this….

and everything is better, everything seems right…

and i know that i finally, after all this time, have found my place.


2 thoughts on “when you find your place….

  1. Carla

    Your studio is soooooo you!!!! Can’t wait to come see your new place in person. Hope you’re staying warm—you guys got slammed again with snow, right?

    Dreaming of spring, yet?

    :) Carla

    1. sans map Post author

      thanks carla :-) i love my studio! can’t wait for you and aaron to visit ;) hope the house hunting is going well – – i know you’ll find your dream home soon…..!

      xo c


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