it’s on the way…..i can feel it!!

spring has sprung in my backyard!!

the first signs of spring are exciting. they grab me in, inspire me and give a small glimmer of hope that the snow and cold will go away…..and soon.

today was a gorgeous day. just lovely! the day started off slow – – which i needed, since haven’t been letting my body recoup during the week, running on little sleep….trying to do so much, all at once!

i met up with my wonderful new friend, another sewer and brooklynite like me (she makes bags and purses as well – they are all super well crafted and pretty! check out her website here at Lola Falk).

the rest of the day was spent running a few errands – – which, when the weather is this nice, i could seriously do all day!! the sky was as blue as blue can be, just so sunny and bright!

a few shots i took in prospect heights, my neighborhood, in brooklyn:

i seriously can hardly wait until leaves start growing on trees, i can ditch my winter jackets and dig into the back garden!

look what i found popping up beneath the leaves (read: shit)…so excited to see what will grow here!! it’s a complete mess right now, but i’ve been told the last tenants were avid gardeners and they showed lots of love to this backyard. yipee!

(i have not even the slightest idea what this plant is…….thankfully i have avid ‘gardeners extraordinaire’ in my family….(hey mom, dad, what is this? anyone else know?)

so, in the effort to share and post more even if it’s short and sweet – – that’s it for now kiddos. back to my graphing paper and roll of tracing paper….i’m working on new designs!!!

i hope everyone can feel the spring sunshine on it’s way and enjoy this little break of fine weather :-) and that my ‘views of springtime’ have inspired you like they have me!!

a bientôt mes amis……..!


6 thoughts on “it’s on the way…..i can feel it!!

  1. Lolafalk

    Great pics! You’re motivating me to get crackin’ on my photo tour of Brooklyn…easier said than done, right? ;)
    That Hot Bird billboard always makes me laugh when I see it…a Vanderbilt landmark, for sure! Kind of makes me curious to try that place out…although deep down I know I might regret it, hehe.

    And P.S. – my guess for what’s growing in your backyard – ummm…cabbage? (I am the least “green-thumbed” person you’ll know, but wouldn’t it be funny if I was right…)


    1. sans map Post author

      hey, thanks! oooo…brooklyn photo tour, nice!!!! can’t wait to see your pics!

      yeah, the ‘hot bird’ building….funny it’s just outside our window too! sadly, i think it might be part of the demo plans for the atlantic yards….what a shame, it’s definitely a prospect heights/dean street landmark….i’ll be sad to see it go :-(

      ….and if that’s cabbage, i’ll let you taste it first…haa haa!

  2. mom

    hi corey,

    how wonderful that things are beginning to push up through the warm soil!
    there will be many surprises for you….including the random bolt or two! :-)

    the top picture looks like they could be tulips or daffodils….the bottom picture looks like hens and chicks, or something similar……but i’m not positive….

    happy gardening!
    xo mom

    1. sans map Post author

      hi mom :-) …yes, there are tons of random rusty bolts and what appears to be old railroad nails and other assorted rusty things….and (i didn’t take any photos, but should have) tons and tons of pennies! it’s like a wishing garden…!?! i thought of you when i saw them all today…i had never noticed before…!

      and that plant DOES look like hens and chicks – you’re right! but it had lots of straw-like shoots coming from it in between the bunches (that were all dead, i pulled them out before i snapped the photo)….i’ll have to wait and see :-) i’m sure there will be more mystery plants for me to wonder about….

      xo c

  3. mom

    oh my gosh! maybe you have stumbled upon a wishing garden! take some pictures. :-)
    perhaps you could leave them, turning them over into the soil as you prepare for new plants….letting the wishes take root…..
    you and david could add some of your own wishes over time as well!
    <3 mom

    1. sans map Post author

      i will take some pics :-) we uncovered more treasures (rusty junk) again today!!
      ….may all of my wishes come true! :-)

      xo c


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