uncovering and discovering

a day that could not have been more perfect started off nicely. sleeping in….jamaican patties for lunch from christie’s on flatbush….quick trip to the local hardware store for supplies…..walking around prospect heights…

working in the garden….

the weather was more than beautiful and the best day so far this year! we raked, scraped, overturned, pulled and uncovered much of our lovely garden today. it’s far from finished but we are definitely on the way to making something out of our space!

many, many bags of sticks, leaves and who-knows-what later…….the plants and flowers in our yard can now breathe a breath of fresh air, start soaking up some sun and grow, grow, grow!!

i mentioned before the ridiculous amount of old, rusty, crusty shit lying around….i did take out most of the pieces but left all of the pennies! i couldn’t help but think of all the wishes that may have been made and felt it necessary to let those wishes take root…and continue on with a wishing garden of our own…

i found this old new york city subway token……

we’ll continue to work diligently, watch as more grows and hope for all sorts of lovely things to pop up as the spring makes its way through… i promise to share our explorations, changes and sometime soon show a few before and after photos.

and look what else we found…..strawberries! (and even a cute little marker that i dug out from underneath the brush)!

i’m sure there’s more here than we even know….oh, the excitement!

looks like these daffodils enjoyed soaking up the sun – – they sure made our day brighter :-)

the hard work will continue……!! :-)


2 thoughts on “uncovering and discovering

  1. Carla

    Garden will be lovely this summer- Ferndale backyard was beautiful too and I’m glad that you’ll have a place of your own to mold and shape once more.

    1. sans map Post author

      thanks carla :-) we are so excited for this nice spring weather!! can’t wait to see what else pops up!!


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