everything always starts somewhere…

it’s been a while my friends. my most sincere apologies….have you been waiting for me? ….i hope so :-)

well, so much has happened in just the past few weeks! i can’t even tell you how many blog entries i started….saved, and never finished. each time i sat down to write, i had so much to say – – but not enough time to ever finish. it’s actually sort of pathetic. shhh. you don’t have to go and tell everyone…

recently my complete focus has been on Sans Map. creating my new webpage (click here) was a big task and it’s finally up and running! i totally folded and created a facebook fan page as well – you should ‘fan’ me, i promise it will be fun :-) (click here)
i’ve been diligently preparing for my very first brooklyn market appearance this saturday!! i’m nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. i’ll be at brooklyn indie market in carroll gardens. it’s a small weekly market and think it’s a great start to more things to come….

our garden path.....!!

our backyard is flourishing like you wouldn’t believe. it’s beautiful and the most perfect retreat after a long day at the office, and before spending the evening hours in my studio sewing away my worries. i have taken a silly amount of photos of all of our plants, flowers, patio, vines. oh my. and guess what? we are growing a lawn. and – to my complete surprise – it’s actually growing!! it looks more like a scary balding chia pet right now, but it will fill in soon. at least that’s what i hope.

things are going great though. i’m loving brooklyn and although i like getting a paycheck, my office job leaves much to be desired. thankfully my studio is now fully functioning, cozy, inspiring and i can’t get enough of sewing and creating…one day i’ll ditch my office garb, tell ’em to make their own spreadsheets and retreat to my studio, covered in fabric, pinking shears in hand, sewing machine humming…….*sigh*……one day.

everything always starts somewhere though, right?…….

a peek into my world...


4 thoughts on “everything always starts somewhere…

  1. danielle

    quel talent je suis admirative et vraiment je tire mon chapeau pour toutes tes creations et te souhaite bonne chance et beaucoup d euros…. bisous bel mam.

    1. sans map Post author

      salut danielle! merci beaucoup…. j’espère que bientôt tu peut les voir toi-même! je vais prendre beaucoup des photos pour toi au marchés artisanal :-) bisous xoxo

  2. Simone

    Okay, I have total thread envy! Why doesn’t my space ever look like that and what pretty colored thread you have! See you Sat.

    1. sans map Post author

      thanks simone! :-) i’ll admit i’m a bit of a thread addict….see you at the market!


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