how time flies…!!

it was one year ago, this week. i can hardly even believe so much time has passed, it seems like just yesterday.

with a knot in the deepest pit of my stomach, unsure of what would come next, sad and excited at the same time….i was leaving the south of france. a place i had called home, explored, visited and fell in love with….

what ended up being a pivotal point in my life, my journey took me back to the states. what was next?

can you believe that one year ago i didn’t know how to sew? i didn’t even have a machine. the thought of sewing hadn’t even crossed my mind yet….amazing how change happens in split seconds, small moments in time – insignificant snippets, but of the utmost importance now.

some people think old dogs can’t learn new tricks, and that some people can never change.

i don’t consider myself any more dedicated, more goal-seeking or any tougher than anyone else. it just so happens that all of the things in my life came together last year – were the stars aligned just for me? i doubt it, huh. but it sure felt like it.

with the absence of my old daily routines, self-pressures, stresses and the many distractions that we all face freed my mind and allowed me to brush those things out of the way. to see clearly, to see myself clearly.

i was sad to leave the south of france. i still think about it almost every day. i’ll smell something or see something that instantly transports me back in time. i smile. and am thankful to have been able to weave these experiences into who i am. or, strengthen who i always was – in order to break free and shine.

it is a time for bittersweet reflection. not for a longing of what was, or what could have been….but what is.

a look back, a sentimental smile, happiness….small choices add up to big changes. big changes are made up of small ideas, experiences and perhaps a pinch of luck.

it’s never too late nor too insignificant.

how time flies……!


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