sit. stay. down…..good girl :-)

i grew up with dogs my whole life. they are the kindest, most forgiving and unconditional companions….and not to mention tons of fun.

we got ella 5 weeks ago from animal haven shelter in soho. in the beginning, admittedly, we wanted a purebred pedigree dog. that was until we realized not only how expensive it is, how weird breeders can be and how unnecessary the actual breeding process is, that we ended up feeling a bit sickened by the whole thing. realizing the errs of our way, and that there are so many wonderful, beautiful and deserving animals at shelters, we began our search. we gave up our picky ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and decided to trust our instincts.

so glad we did.

ella, named ‘wish bear’ by her shelter rescuers, essentially found us. after days of searching for dogs we came across a few that stood out and ended up being all at the same shelter. we headed over that weekend on a sunny saturday morning.

‘wish bear’ was carried downstairs to us, virtually trembling with fear, still as can be and quiet as a mouse as she was held by one of the volunteers. she was the second dog we saw from our list. held calmly by the volunteer, she wasn’t able to be let down on the ground as she wasn’t fully vaccinated. i took to her immediately, something was different about her and that little stare was so gentle and kind….but we wanted to see more. we asked if it would be possible to see her run around or at least be able to interact with her somehow. we were brought upstairs…

she was plopped onto the over-sized couch and immediately her eyes lit up! she licked our faces and stared at us with the kindest little eyes we’ve ever seen. she was so sweet, we knew she was the dog for us. her energy was perfect! we wanted ‘wish bear’.

excited, nervous and scared all at once, we filled out all the paperwork and waited to be contacted. two days and a few reference checks later, we got the call – – she was ours!

after her whirlwind introduction into our already busy lives, she is a regular part of the family. her nervous jump, her timid crouch and her cautiousness with strangers are becoming a thing of the past. this smart little puppy is curious, gentle, so sensitive and now forgetting her mis-treated past – now so eager to please, obedient and happy as clam in her new home. walks around our ‘hood, chats with the neighbors and their furry companions and playing catch in our backyard….ahh, the life!

training, practicing and growing….and so much more lies ahead! and what’s better than a nice cuddle on the couch at the end of the day :-) ahh, the life…..

sit…..stay….down. good girl!! :-)


2 thoughts on “sit. stay. down…..good girl :-)

  1. coco8199

    Awww! She’s so cute! You can see how sweet she is in those pretty eyes of hers! Kudos to you for getting a rescue pup. I have a rescue pup and she’s the greatest thing in my life (aside from my hubby, lol).

    1. sans map Post author

      thanks! she sure is a sweetie :-) my hubby and i are totally in love with her….so nice to hear you have a rescue puppy too! aren’t they the best? :-) thanks for the nice comment, ~ c


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