when the grass is green on both sides…

4th of july weekend, it’s hot outside, everyone is happy and we were ready to go! on a whim, hubby and i booked tickets for the talented house music producer dj extraordinare little louis vega‘s annual boat party dance ritual.  boarding was at 7:30 – pushed away from the shore – with a cool beverage in hand at 8pm sharp. now, please, this is not one of those ‘booze cruises’ you remember from your crazy college cancun adventures. this was chilled out, dancing and house music vibes.

we pulled away from the shore with the most magnificent view of manhattan – glorious view from the hudson river listening to chill beats and dancing. all the way north under the george washington bridge, gently turned back….crusied along the shoreline past the statute of liberty, the brooklyn bridge, manhattan bridge all the way to the pepsi-cola sign at the long island city shore. then it was all the way back again….nice.

the views were stunning. the music was extraordinary and the atmosphere was unforgettable.

dancing in the moonlight under the brooklyn bridge……

up early the next day, we trekked out with close friends and sisters to the hamptons.  haa haa – i know what you are thinking.  let’s just say that i am pretty sure in order to truly fit in in the hamptons you have to drive a range rover….should i keep you guessing on that one?

blonde-haired-gucci-bag-toting-range-rover-driving  aside, this place lives up to its name in beauty. a mere 2 and a half hours from nyc itself (and several pit-stops due to a motion-sick puppy later) and we were there!!

a wonderful weekend with good friends, great weather and yummy food. what more could one ask for than the beach on a hot sunny holiday weekend?!

the hamptons looks good on ella…

our weekend was both exciting pure new york city adventure and relaxing countryside beach getaway. we love our city life in brooklyn but cherish a quick getaway in the country. who says you can’t have a little bit of green on both sides?

maybe therein lies the secret……..


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