inspirational piles….

see! i told you i would post more often….so far, so good, eh? :-)

on the weekends especially, i have these extended periods of inspiration where i’ll end up with tons of ideas and subsequently work so quickly jumping from project to project that i end up with piles and piles of fabric, leather, zippers and more.  surprisingly still organized, in a ‘corey’ sort of way….it’s amazing…but it’s when i’m the most productive and it’s a system i’ve come to realize just works. so i thought today would be a good day to share with you a couple of quick peeks into my workspace, while i’m actually working…..

one of my many piles of fabric today is filled with soft mustards, blue and brown plaid, grey and teal….totally autumn colors, totally sans map. don’t you think that this is one of the best times of year for finding inspiration from nature?

today ella and i went for a fantastic run in prospect park – – she even got to romp around like crazy with a group of  off-leash dogs (shhh, it was outside off-leash hours…i won’t tell if you don’t). since it gets so dark so early now, when i run with ella during the week it’s always at night and the sun has already set – not merely as beautiful and relaxing as during the day when the leaves and lakes are shining their beauty!!


a work in progress:

instead of piles of zippers, i have rows of zippers!….i keep a tiny photo of emma when we first brought her home on one of my corkboards…i must have been only 15 years old….she was probably just a couple of months old and so tiny! always makes me smile…


the holiday season is upon us and i’ve much work to do….! i hope to share more of my work and process in the coming weeks…i always love seeing how my favorite artists and designers work in their studios, and i hope you do too!

….happy daylight savings (we get an extra hour of sleep :-)  yay!



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